Director introduction


Kazutomi Shizawa


  • Acupuncturists national qualification license
  • Moxibustion national qualification license
  • Shiatsu massage national qualification licensing


1995 Azabu Oriental Therapy practice
1996-2002 And management employees for the therapy room at Akasaka headquarters 2F by outsourcing agreement with Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
2000 Moved from Egubokku founded Azabu Corporation in Roppongi
2003-2004 And operating an in-room beauty services by outsourcing agreement with Shinjuku Park Hyatt Hotel
2010 I do mainly mainly acupuncture and beauty acupuncture at Roppongi Egubokku from 2010


I the United States at the time of the 20s, had been staying for six years in Los Angeles. Oriental acupuncture and acupressure that is taking advantage of this experience, fusion treatment and cosmetic acupuncture of Western massage, of course, to foreign customers, we have very favorable reception to Japanese customers.

It becomes Azabu, Roppongi and is opened for 18 years, cosmetic acupuncture, which is also the culmination of my experience is praised from many customers, it became the main menu of the hospital by now. Each and every customer that has been admitted becomes more beautiful enjoy the life, I am try to help can be such a treatment.

August 2012